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Prayer RequestSubmitted By: Jim Newton
Please pray for my co-worker Muriel. She has bone problems in her shoulder and is on pain medication. Her adult daughter is bipolar and refusing medication. Her 12 yr old grandson was attacked by a high school boys and suffered a concussion. Please pray the Holy Spirit will comfort her, relieve her pain and bring peace to her daughter. Also pray that her grandson recovers from his attack.closed by administrator.
Kevin EldridgeSubmitted By: Susan Mitchell
One of my high school friend's brother has just learned he has stage 4 cancer which started as a melanoma. He had been cancer free after its removal, but has now learned it has progressed into his spine, pelvis, sternum, around his heart and in his liver. He is in excrutiating pain. Please pray for strength and comfort for his and for Jesus' healing hands upon him and his familyclosed by administrator.
Healing for Christine Pegg (age 22) who is having brain surgery Submitted By: Rosemary Skeete
Healing for Lupe Lopez who is in the intensive care unit with a blood clot in the area of her heart.closed by administrator.