St. Cuthbert Church History

St. Cuthbert was founded in 1978 and was officially made a mission in February at the 1979 Diocesan Council. The Rev. Jeremiah Ward was the first Vicar. About 25 members held Sunday worship services at Bob & Linda’s Sandwich Shoppe on Highway 6. The church relocated to an A-frame structure on Addicks-Satsuma Road in 1981 and The Rev. Tom Brindley became the new Vicar. Steady, continuous growth brought the congregation to construct a new building on Willow River Drive in Copperfield in September, 1983. In 1992, St. Cuthbert attained its long awaited parish status. Father Tom Brindley continued to serve as Rector until 1994.

The Rev. Dr. Steve Sellers accepted the call to serve as Rector in August, 1994 and remained through May 1999. The Rev. Desmond Goonesekera became Rector in May, 2000, and retired on February 10, 2013 . With the guidance and hard work from Fr. Brindley, Fr. Sellers and Fr. Goonesekera and many others, the congregation has grown from the first 25 families to around 300 families.  Because of this growth, land was purchased in February, 2007 to build a new building at the corner of West Road and Queenston. In November, 2007, ground was broken for the construction of a new facility.  The building was dedicated and consecrated on August 23, 2009.

The future of St. Cuthbert Church is very exciting. This church community is the home of people from many lands and many cultures.  The church is very vibrant within Copperfield and northwest Houston. St. Cuthbert’s mission is building the kingdom of God- together!  All are invited to come experience the transforming power and the accepting love of Jesus Christ.