About Us

Our Journey: Renewing Today, Securing Tomorrow is underway. On this journey, we are seeking God’s guidance for the life and giving at St. Cuthbert Church. This is a time of celebration of all that God is doing in our midst while joyfully anticipating all that is yet to come.

On February 28, all will be invited to give prayerful consideration to two separate pledges. The first will be an annual pledge to support St. Cuthbert’s mission and ministries in 2021. This pledge, just like in previous years, is critical to ensuring we are able to continue to live out our mission in our community and beyond. The second pledge is a three-year pledge that is an above and beyond sacrificial pledge. The funds raised through the Our Journey three-year pledge commitments will enable us to reduce our existing debt, freeing up funds for mission, outreach, and other ministries at St. Cuthbert.

Our first forty years are merely a beginning. Our journey continues. We will, as the body of Christ, seek God’s guidance to renew today and secure tomorrow for St. Cuthbert Church. Together, we can build the kingdom of God both in our community and the world. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! 

For digital pledge cards and/or to make a financial gift to Renew Today and Secure Tomorrow, click here.

To view the Gratitude video, click here. The Cardboard Testimonies video may be found here, and the Prayers of the People here