About Us


The Vestry is the 12-member governing body of our congregation. Members are elected annually in October and serve three-year terms. They determine parish policy including the budget and other financial matters and work closely with the rector on strategic and financial planning. The senior warden is appointed by the rector and is the primary lay leader of the congregation. Together, the senior warden and rector share the mission and vision of the church with the congregation. The junior warden is responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and grounds. To contact a member of the Vestry, you may call the church office at 281.463.7330


Vestry Members

 Shirley Jarrell - Senior Warden 

Charles Harris  Junior Warden


Sara Mason


Karen O'Dell 

Richard Skalski


Seymor Stewart 

Treasurer: Carolyn Newman



Sue McGown - Senior Warden 

 Cheryl Hultquist


Granville O'Brien 


 Adrian Rivera 


Mike Smith 

 Sharon Weber