Health and Safety Guidelines

Drop-off will be via Car Line. 

Pull up to the cones, when parked at a cone, take your child out of the car and stand with them by the car, there you will be met by a teacher or director. Hand hygiene stations will be set up at the entrance to the school so that children can clean their hands before they enter.


On Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays pick-up will be by CAR LINE ONLY. Thursdays & Fridays pick-up will be in the classrooms. Please park in the parking lot and go to your child’s classroom.


  • All classes will be 5 days, with the 2 day and the 3 day students included in these classes
  • All teachers and Directors will work 5 days a week 

Preventative health measures for child care centers:

  • Teachers, parents/guardians who are fully vaccinated may or may not wear a mask, as they feel appropriate
  • Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask while in the church building.


  • Students who have any signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19: will be sent home.

Require staff to stay home:

  • Teachers will be vigilant for symptoms and will stay in touch with Lynda if or when they start to feel sick.
  • If teachers become sick at work they will be sent home immediately.
  • Teachers should not return to work until they have met the criteria to discontinue home isolation. 

Have a plan if someone is or becomes sick:

  • An unused classroom or the Prayer Room will be used as an isolation room to isolate a sick child until the parent can pick up their child.
  • If a sick child has been isolated in the facility, the isolation room or area will be cleaned and disinfected after the sick child has gone home

Lunch and Snack:

  • Each child will provide individual meals and snacks.
  • Meals will be served in the classroom 
  • Teachers will ensure children wash hands prior to and immediately after eating.
  • Teachers will wash their hands before preparing food and after helping children to eat. 

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting Measures

The following will be done in addition to (or in substitution of) existing cleaning protocols in place at the school:

  • Routine cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, especially toys and games.
  • Clean objects/surfaces not ordinarily cleaned daily such as doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, nap pads, desks, chairs, & cubbies.
  • All classroom bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day, at a minimum bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected three times per day.


  • Hand washing signs are posted in each classroom.
  • Handwashing song poster
  • Notices for parents on school doors
  • Other notices applicable to be determined.

Case Contingency

If COVID-19 is confirmed in a child or staff member:

  • The Director will contact our local health authority to report the presence of COVID-19 in in the school. Your local health authority will advise you on re-opening procedures.
  • The Director will contact Child Care Licensing to report the presence of COVID-19 in the school.
  • The Director will close off areas used by the person who is sick.
  • Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the areas.
  • Wait up to 24 hours or as long as possible before you clean or disinfect to allow respiratory droplets to settle before cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Clean and disinfect all areas used by the person who is sick, such as offices, bathrooms, and common areas.
  • If more than 7 days have passed since the person who is sick visited or used the facility, additional cleaning and disinfection are not necessary.
  • St. Cuthbert School will follow the CDC guidance on how to disinfect the building if someone is sick.
  • Continue routine cleaning and disinfection.

Plan for sick teachers or teacher families.

  • Substitute teachers will be in place to cover teachers in the event of staff absences.

Group Events and programs (Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas programs, Parents Day, Spring Program & Picnic) 

  • Most group events will take place as health conditions permit. 

St. Cuthbert School Contingency Plan

  • If St. Cuthbert School is unable to open due to Covid-19, the teachers will prepare lessons and communicate twice weekly via Zoom and ClassTag with the students
  • If the director becomes ill, the designated person will assume the responsibilities of the director for that period of time.