“I was recommended to visit St. Cuthbert by a few friends whose kids had previously attended the school."  

"They all spoke highly about the curriculum, teachers and staff.  Now it is my privilege to recommend this school because my daughter is currently in the 4 year old class.  Her teachers are loving, professional, fun and she adores them both.  Her academic progress is shining through with the help of her teachers and positive learning environment.  The school is well organized with an orderly and peaceful environment for learning and it’s inclusive for all.  Aside from academics my daughter and I enjoy all the extracurricular activities organized by the staff for higher learning.  If you are visiting schools for your littles, I highly recommend you stop to visit ours.” 

Diana Ceccone



“Look no further! "

St.  Cuthbert has everything you’re child needs to feel loved, secure and excited to learn.  This small close knit school has passionate teachers who always go the extra mile for your children.  My kids have attended for three years and love it.  This school is certainly a gem.”

Brittney Nichole



“We absolutely love St. Cuthbert School, the staff, and the curriculum."  

"Our children feel loved and confident through the warm and positive learning environment.  They are curious, brave and excited to experience our world as they make connections between school and home.  They have a blast in engaging activities and receive outstanding and quality instruction.  We are thrilled we chose St. Cuthbert School for our family because they have established the foundation for learning and success that we deeply desired.  Our children’s growth and development have exceeded our expectations, and we are confident they are well prepared and ready for the next chapter.” 

 Krystle Ballew



“This is the 2nd year my daughter has been attending this school and the amount she has grown, learned and thrived is immeasurable. "

"The facility and staff are amazing!  We are always greeted by our names and with a smile.  We are so thankful we found this school and look forward to starting my youngest here next school year.”

Alyssa Fletcher Garcia 



“On a daily basis, we are thankful to have found a true gem in childcare!"  

"As with most families, there are commitments and values that we wanted from a pre-school and St. Cuthbert delivered.  At the top of our list was attention to providing a safe environment.  We also wanted to see staff traits in kindness, positivity, dedication, respect, creativity and occasional silliness.  Then we looked for curriculum and enrichment opportunities that would build a foundation for lifetime learning.  We found just what we were looking for.  With this combination, we feel that our kiddos are well equipped to take on the next chapters in elementary school, and we couldn’t be more thanful!”

 Heather Smith



“If anyone is looking for a FABULOUS preschool then I HIGHLY recommend you check out St. Cuthbert."  

"Hands down the best decision I’ve ever made for my girls. My oldest is in their bridge/kinder program, we’re treating it as her kinder year, and she is MORE than ready for 1st grade.  Her class size is 8 students, 2 amazing teachers who are loving and work wonderfully together, and if you want the finer details…she is reading on a 1st grade level with full comprehension, great writing skills, interested in science, and rocking in math. (And I HAD NOTHING to do with it!)

My other two girls also go 5 days a week and are thriving and excited to learn.  Their teachers are more than patient, loving, and KNOWLEDGEABLE!  This is so not a “daycare”.”

Jennifer Walker



"He was loved and treated so well"

“This is the second year my little boy attends in this school.  He was loved and treated so well.  Every teachers can remember and call his name.  He is excited to go to school everyday.  Affordable price, high quality school, clean classes, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Thuy Nguyen



"My oldest is in kindergarten this year, and his teacher raves about how wonderful his preschool and bridge program must be."

“This is our 5th year at the school.  Both boys began with a couple of days a week at 2, and then increased, til the last year with bridge to kindergarten with their late summer birthdays.  My oldest is in kindergarten this year, and his teacher raves about how wonderful his preschool and bridge program must be. 

Our youngest will be bridging here next year.  We even moved over the summer, and it’s worth the 25 min drive to get to St.  Cuthbert.  The staff, curriculum and environment are fabulous.  We will miss them when we graduate out.”

Claire Lambert



“I cannot speak highly enough about this school, their teachers and the administration." 

I have had a kid there for the past 9 years and will be sad when my last one graduates this year.  Even moving further away couldn’t sway me to another school.  My kids were more than prepared for kindergarten.”

Cindy Camps McMichael



“St. Cuthbert has been a huge blessing in our lives."

"I was nervous about my son’s first preschool experience but the teachers are so nurturing and personable, the curriculum is fantastic and I love that they incorporate the Bible into everyday practices.  It is a wonderful place.”

Chelsea Anne



"All three were well prepared to excel in kindergarten!"

“We have had 3 kids go through St. Cuthbert School.  All three were well prepared to excel in kindergarten!  This preschool provides excellent academics in a loving Christian environment!”

Jill Spang



“St. Cuthbert School has been a HUGE blessing to our family."  

"They have an excellent curriculum and very loving teachers.  We have two kids in the school.  The oldest started at 18 months and is currently in the Bridge to Kindergarten program.  Our St. Cuthbert family takes good care of us!”

Chrissy Blumer



“We absolutely love St. Cuthbert School."

"Both of my kiddos started there as soon as they could.  It is more like a family there!”

Victoria Simo



“Awesome school!"  

My 3 kids have attended St. Cuthbert, and I was so amazed at everything they learned.  The staff is wonderful.  My kids were ready for Kindergarten once they left.” 

Cathy Covey